Dating an artist is hard

Dating someone with a passion for the arts can be fraught with emotional highs and troubling lows. Here's all you need to know about dating an artist.
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Something that may be insignificant to you is what draws us in and makes us look closer to find its beauty. We like pretty things, what can I say? We search for potential in every date we go on. We want someone who understands the heart of us. Because our work requires us to plan and conceptualize our pieces in advance, we try to do the same with our communication. If we have a partner who hurts us in a fit of anger, it can be hard to let go. Our first instinct is to take the scorn as the truth, even if later reconciliation reveals otherwise.

We love to care for our partners. We love and value our alone time almost as much as we value time spent with others. Expect a weirdly precise timing text explaining that varnish coat one will finish drying in 30 minutes and applying the second coat will take 2. Who knew something so small could heat up so fast, huh? You can expect that almost harrowing robotic response from your painter partner in a similar situation.

10 Things You Should Know Before Dating An Artist

Or if we empty our bellies laughing over a simple story. Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. So I think it would be nice to be married to an artist that has a bit more painting experience than me. Ah, a good belly laugh. Get thee to Alaska huh? That's one of the places in the world I just know I have to see myself. I've been dreaming of going there for a long time Originally posted by paintfool: We are both engineers and we only have 3!

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As for of computers in the house. Roan definitely has us beat. The computer nerd in my home is my year old son who has 2 regular and 1 laptop. So I guess that makes "5". As for having an "artist" spouse. Nope, not an artist bone in his body, but he's a sweetheart nevertheless. He is very supportive and actually is a very good critic.

5 Reasons To Never Date An Artist

I value his opinions. He comes to all my open houses, and doesn't let me give up when I get discouraged about a project I'm working on. He says he's waiting for me to get famous so he can quit working.. Originally posted by bobsart: I think this mostly applies to men. I don't think women have that insecurity. I guess it's that primal instinct working its way into modern thinking? It also depends on how serious you take your creative endeavors. If it's a hobby, then I don't think anyone cares, but if it's in your blood and a big part of who you are as a person, then that artist's pride would start to interfere.

But, for me personally, I don't believe I could fall in love with someone who doesn't have any poetry in their soul. Strangely enough, it's a total myth that creative people are more romantic.

I've met plenty of artistic people without an ounce of romance in their entire body, and the most romantic person I've met is a scientist. Originally posted by Cindy: I just got here. Don't scare me away so soon. The portraits I've done of paid models or people I don't know well, even though the pieces might be technically good, I don't really feel anything when I look at them.

But, if it's of loved ones, I always smile when I look at those. If it's of a past romantic involvement, it's even more intense. The places we were at, the way the light caressed their cheeks, the way they'd try so hard to suppress a smile when I tell them, "Stop smiling, you are messing up my portrait.

I guess when art is really important to you, it is tied to your heartstrings. Get more computers http: I didn't count his laptop 'cause that belongs to Road Runner. So you can really see where our priorities lie http: Is it hard to run your own server? My website sits on a friend's server right now, and they've limited the bandwith for the traffic to my website because the hight volume of traffic. I fear that if I run it myself, my own internet connection will get cluttered due to the volume of traffic to the website.

Maybe the answer is to find a nice free webhost that has about 30 mbs of free space? Originally posted by JeffG: Get thee to Alaska! I do live in Alaska and could use a wolfish man myself. They are hard to come by; you would know what I mean Originally posted by RedShoes: Me thinks I should have put one of these http: Having a genuine interest in what the other loves to do, and supporting each other through them.

How art you today?

I think it might take an artistic soul, to be genuinely interested in art My first serious relationship was with a man who had no interest in art at all. He did not interfere with my work, but was not particularly interested in it either. It worked out ok for some years. Then, I dated 2 artists. The first artist was better than me and I learned a lot from him. He was always very encouraging and helpful. We did sit around and sketch each other and it was nice. The second artist had a totally different style than my own and was a very critical person who liked to argue. Although we both loved music and art, we did not like the same kinds of music and art.

He was also a control freak, and would paint on my work when I wasn't looking! We had very different view of the world and were not well matched. The man I am married to now appreciates art, but is not an artist. He is very supportive of my work and it is good.

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He has a good eye and has helpful criticisms when I ask for them. I think it is best if the person has at least an appreciation of art and your work. If the man I am married to now was also an artist, I think it would still work out great, because we love and respect each other and have the same out look on life.

My Husband is not a visual artist. He is an accomplished classical guitarist, and has been playing for 36 years. He loves art and has a great appreciation for it. He is my biggest fan. That I don't think I would be able to make it on my own either and felt somewhat free loading. Well yesterday as we were going into town, he looks at me and said. Most artists never get rich. I feel it is an honor to be part of the life of an artist and to support that quest" Did I marry a Jewel or what.

Oh boy, I can't let this one sldie by. In a healthy way though. Don't think I didn't fill with a bit of envy as well as pride when he got his first patent last year That "give me a big strong man" thing doesn't wash with me. Give me a real human being with talents and needs just like the rest of us to form a partnership and life with. On one hand you mentioned that those groping at the dollar seemed souless and in the next breathe those who make money with their art are more serious?

Seems to me the more serious one might be those who do their artwork for their soul and not the money It's just that some haven't recognized it yet After following this thread in my "I shall end up alone with cats, and I hate cats" mood a funny thing happened Now how funny is that?!?! Ooooh, this could all go horribly horribly wrong!

Well, perhaps I could learn to paint cats Would robot dogs chase painted cats? Taylor's guide to successful relationships. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that I know anything at all about successful relationships! A nude model is essential for figure studies. Do NOT date artist's who do not share your basic artistic philosophy.

I don't mind arguments concerning realist vs. Do NOT date non-artists who shop for sculpture in Hallmark stores. It is better to be single. I was thinking more like dinner and a show Do you like opera?

Is it better for artists to date/marry other artists? [Archive] - WetCanvas

Originally posted by leaflin: Make sure to treat him as the Prince he is. I married a man who appeared to have an artistic bent, but while he does do woodworking as a hobby, he's a man who is never happy with what he has. As I've gotten some small recognition as an artist, he's become less interested. I don't bother showing him my work anymore. His comments when I do are always the same, said in a disinterested voice "yeah, that looks good.

I think that's important Leaflin, the idea of being serenaded by classical guitar while creating sounds like heaven to me. BTW, especially like rule 3, i've had to do this before Hahahahaahaaaaa, tears in my eyes! Gotta add that to my personal "list. And a good first date test - make them pronounce "ochre".

If you want to get hardcore, make them pronounce "gauche. Hey Lunachild, I checked out your site, very cool man. I even read the bio I once went out with someone who said to me,"what's the big deal with the Beatles? I'll have you know love blinded me from tearing out my ears, but definitely common artistic interests are a plus Hey I'm all for fraternizing with civilians. Everyone can't have a sense of humor, but you may shorten the painful process of dating if you hang out in an all female life drawing class.

My idea of the perfect relationship But the serious side We both will not sit back and let it happen, we make it happen. We do not put each others work down - we actually appreciate each others endeavors. When we have free time The bird sings for it has a song. I would have to date someone who at the very least has a great respect for art.

Why Is Dating In Thailand Easier?

I can't imagine slaving for ours in my studio, pouring my heart out on canvas and getting a response, "Oh, that's nice". Honestly, that is one of the first things I look at is their reaction to my work. Think of it as a single person who has a child that they dearly love. They will want someone who loves that child like it was their own and He didn't think any good would come from painting, and that there was no future in it, so therefore I was not bettering myself - mearly wasting time. It upset me, and I actually stopped painting for most of the time we were together, I think in the 5yrs I painted about 7 paintings.

I'm now painting every night after work and set to marry a man I met online BECAUSE of one of my paintings, a friend of his was interested in buying it. He is not an artist but he is a writer. He supports my work and wants me to take time off my 'real' job to paint once we are settled into the house we are buying. I feel supported and relaxed and although I think two artistic tempriments in one house would be hell, I'm happy that I've met someone who at least understands my need.

I guess the bottomline is, as long as this person can understand and share the joy of being creative or admiring someone else's creativity, I agree with the statement completely. When my two sons were younger and still at home we shared building and racing model cars, that was my form of creativity at the time. They grew up and left home , met there partners , etc. The car racing reduced and eventually stopped as my sons spent there spare time with their own new family.

One day I watched some watercolour painting videos of David Bellamy and became hooked on art, this changed my whole outlook on life. My new creativity opened my eyes , I felt the joy of life, nature , painting. It felt as though my eyes were truly open for the first time in my life as I was now admiring the shape of trees , the wispy clouds, all had a different meaning. I needed desperately to share the joy, but my wife did not understand my new feelings at all.

Had no interest in art , didn't appreciate the beauty that surrounds us. So as you can imagine we drifted further apart. I became far more positive in my outlook to life and my wife became the opposite. We are now separated , I now share my joys with my friends at wetcanvas and the members of the two art societies that I joined. I now live at my workplace where I have my studio, tv repair workshop and three computers. So all is peaceful and my joys are shared. So my whole point is that to really enjoy ones creativity it must be shared with someone that too appreciates that wonderful feeling and joy, Rod.

It's about respect and appreciation. My first serious relationship was with a wonderful artist, but he was self-destructive drugs,alcohol,etc Second one was a rebound with a GEEK! I went TOO far to the other end of the scale! Now, I'm with a man in the middle. He has a great non-art job, but has a hidden art soul. He draws and paints a little, but is very private about it. This allows me the freedom to create and grow as a artist. Life is a learning experience Originally posted by Rod So my whole point is that to really enjoy ones creativity it must be shared with someone that too appreciates that wonderful feeling and joy, Rod wonderfully put: Here is my two cents on the subject: I don't think that one should limit their relationships to either artists or non-artists only.

This sounds corny but you have to follow your heart and your mind when it comes to choosing relationships. If you happen to fall in love with an artist so be it. If you fall in love with a non-artist, again, so be it. Hey, sometimes that opposition dynamic can be good for a relationship. When I am inspired, feeling creative, etc